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Eau-de-vie from grape pomace is obtained by distilling the pomace from the best vattings. This eau-de-vie is clear and has a strength of 42% vol.

It can be bottled soon after distillation. Primary aromas are elegant and fruity, comparable to Italian Grappa.

Part of this eau-de-vie is barrel-aged for at least 5 years. During this long period of contact with oak it takes on an amber colour. The flavours mature. Toasted notes and hints of vanilla from the oak combine with the aromas from the grapes. From one barrel to the next, entire range of subtle fragrance and flavour are revealed. .

The barrels in which the eau-de-vie ages have already been used once or twice for raising white wine. Only very rarely are red-wine barrels used. Barrels are made in Bordeaux or Burgundy of French oak, and can hold between 220 and 225 litres. 

Eau-de-vie is most often served as an after-dinner drink.