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Les méthode de culture

On the terroirs at La Royèreand the Soleian terraces, soils are sandy with varying degrees of gravel, so good for soil drainage. To prepare our change to organic farming, we have been studying our soils for several years now. Our objective is to reduce tillage to promote natural micro-processes in the soil performed by root formation. This entails controlled natural grass cover, with sowing in some plots, and the work done by the natural underground insect life. This root formation also serves to promote symbiosis between soil micro-organisms and the biological substances that result from the interactions between the vines, plant life and soil. This work process allows us to limit soil compacting, erosion caused by runoff and the strong winds in the area, and grey mould or Botrytis cinerea.

Our low yields of 30hl/ha give us good polyphenol concentrations and very interesting total acidity. The pomace has good organoleptic qualities highly conducive to long-keeping wines. Gobelet pruning is done on over half of our vines, the remainder is pruned in double Cordon de Royat. We harvest 60% of the grapes by hand to ensure optimum quality for our wines for cellaring.