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Grapes varieties

The two most common grape varieties used in the Luberon area are Syrah and Grenache noir.
We use both for our reds and rosés. Rosés are the most commonly produced wines in Luberon. 

- Grenache is a grape that provides great structure and finesse, and is very popular in the Rhône Valley. Grenache is an elegant type : it carries aromas of red fruit and raspberry and gives an aromatic freshness to young wines. For better ageing, we blend it with Syrah and Mourvedre that bring other aromatic notes.

- Syrah comes from the north of the Rhône Valley. It is a rustic and vigourous grape that taste best after a few years of ageing. At La Royère, we blend Syrah with Grenache to get the perfect mix of colours, tannins, acidity and other aromas including liquorice and violet flower. In rosés, Syrah develops an intense structure and aroma of fruits.

- Carignan is a traditional Mediterranean grape which exalts the best of its fruity notes when used like we do: with an old vineyard that yields low volumes.

- Mourvèdre, AOP Bandol base, is a strong grape full of qualities: powerful colour, tannins and smokey aromas.

Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault are the main grapes we use to produce our Luberon rosés.
Our dry and aromatic Rosé Fruité is produced with a base of Hamburg muscatel grape.

Produced in smaller quantities and low yields, our white wines have remarkable concentration. We use several grape varieties for our white wines, including Grenache blanc, Clairette, Roussanne, Rolle, Vermentino and Viognier. Our AOP and IGP certifications depend on these grape types.
The Muscat petits-grains of La Royère is a sweet white wine/liqueur wine that brings out an intense aromatic freshness of the muscatel grape while remaining a light dessert wine.