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The past of the domain in Oppède

While working in the vineyards, we have discovered many Neolithic flint tools which show that the agronomic properties of the soil have been exploited for thousands of years.

Indeed, these fields helped sustain the populations living in the hilltop villages and folds of the Luberon.

In the roman era, La Royère was also a crossroads, a fording passage on the river. The road led to the Via Domitia, which ran parallel to the current D900 road and was a major axis of the Roman empire.

The Domaine de La Royère has been growing wines in its own name since 1988, and formerly was a family vineyard since the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years, the estate got continuoulsy improved with a constant eye to quality. Today, it boasts 30 hectares (approx. 60 acres) of vineyards spread across the best terroirs of Luberon.